Jobstacles – How I Became A Plumber

Sal Algaba is a plumber, but he didn’t always know that was what he wanted to do. In fact, it took Algaba years before he found his way into the trade. He says, “You have to get experience from working. You have to start at fast food places or retail. Yes it’s hard work and yes it’s demanding work, physically and mentally at times, but that’s how you learn responsibility.”

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5 Fast Ways to Prevent Plumbing Nightmares

Tired, and happy to be home, Jeff walked into his house after a red eye flight from Seattle. But his night had only begun. Upon entering his kitchen, Jeff was distraught to see that brackish water was leaking in through the ceiling. Jeff had always had plumbing problems with his house, but this nightmare was the last straw. He had had enough and began checking his plumbing and preventing disasters before issues arose. Like Jeff, you can catch the plumbing problem before it becomes a crisis, by following the maintenance tips below provided by Jeff and other plumbing nightmare survivors.

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Prevent Plumbing Nightmares

Uponor re-engineers residential valves to deliver greater quality and value

Uponor is continuing to bring innovation, confidence, value and performance to PEX piping systems with the launch of its new re-engineered ProPEX® lead-free (LF) brass valves for residential plumbing applications. Re-engineered to offer the same amount of flow with a more compact design for greater installation efficiencies and higher performance, they are the only leading valves on the market to meet building codes IPC, UPC and IRC as well as being listed to NSF 14, NSF 61, NSF 359 and NSF 372 for superior confidence in a product that is code-compliant and listed for all plumbing installations. In addition, the valves are now backed by an extended 10-year warranty and are available at a more cost-effective price to bring even greater value to a residential plumbing project.

New Plumbing

A new and safer way for plumbing has been researched. Check out the full article and read all about it.

DEWALT® Announces New Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Tools

DEWALT announces its further expansion into trade-focused products with five tools dedicated to the Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Trades; categories DEWALT plans to continue to develop as the brand expands its line in the future. Featuring cutting, crimping, and pressing tools, the new line includes products with premium ergonomics, the capability to complete a wide range of applications, and compatibility with the existing 20V MAX* system from DEWALT.

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Flint Water Plant

Mayor Karen Weaver and FAST Start Coordinator Michael C. McDaniel told hundreds of participants attending the Flint Water Infrastructure Summit this week that copper pipe will be used to replace the City of Flint’s entire lead and lead-tainted galvanized iron service lines.

“We chose copper because the residents of Flint deserve a high quality engineered material that has a history of safely conveying drinking water,” Weaver said. “With copper, we know we’re getting a long-term solution.”

McDaniel said that the decision was made after a number of factors were considered, especially the longevity of the piping and the lifetime cost of the product.

“This was a very important decision that will affect many generations to come,” McDaniel said. “My team and I conducted months of research and engaged in conversation with piping experts regarding the ideal lead replacement material for superior performance.”

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