Flint Water Plant

Mayor Karen Weaver and FAST Start Coordinator Michael C. McDaniel told hundreds of participants attending the Flint Water Infrastructure Summit this week that copper pipe will be used to replace the City of Flint’s entire lead and lead-tainted galvanized iron service lines.

“We chose copper because the residents of Flint deserve a high quality engineered material that has a history of safely conveying drinking water,” Weaver said. “With copper, we know we’re getting a long-term solution.”

McDaniel said that the decision was made after a number of factors were considered, especially the longevity of the piping and the lifetime cost of the product.

“This was a very important decision that will affect many generations to come,” McDaniel said. “My team and I conducted months of research and engaged in conversation with piping experts regarding the ideal lead replacement material for superior performance.”

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